Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you travel?

    Yes! Although I am based in Tempe, AZ I am always up for an adventure so please let me know if your wedding is out of town!


Will you come to me on my wedding?

    Yep. I always travel to clients for the wedding day. Trial runs are done at my salon in Gilbert on Val Vista and Williamsfield. 


Is there a fee for you to come to me?

    If you are within 30 minutes of me I will come to you on the wedding day for no added travel fees. If you are outside of this area there may be travel fees added on. You are always welcome to come to me to avoid any extra fees. 


Do you do airbrush makeup?

Sorry, no. I'm a fan of good old makeup brushes!


What kind of makeup do you use?

I am a certified makeup artist through MAC Cosmetics, so I do use a lot of their products. However, I have a wide variety of brands that I like to use for my freelance work.


Is clean or dirty hair better for updos? 

    I prefer my clients to have clean, dry hair for all styles. I like to be able to use various products to add the texture and volume I want in the hair. 


I have a lot of bridesmaids, will you have enough time for everyone?

   If you're bridal party is doing hair and makeup and is over 4 people (including the bride) I will do everyones hair and the brides hair and makeup. Christina Diaz, my contracted makeup artist, will do the bridesmaids/bridal party makeup. Under 4 people, I will do everything. If we are only doing hair, I can typically handle the whole party by myself.


Can you do mens hair? 

    Only man buns. JK. But yes! I would be happy to style your grooms (or anyone else’s) hair. 


Do you have experience with ethnic hair?

    Yes ma’am!


Do I have to do a trial run?

    I highly recommend that all of my brides do a trial run! It will save us so much time on the wedding day and you can be sure that you will look and feel your best. It also gives us a chance to chat and get to know one another since we’ll be spending a lot of time together on your big day. 


Should I have my veil or any hair accessories I want at my trial?

    If possible, yes please! Let’s make sure they work with your updo/style! 


Do you like to use hair extensions?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Hair extensions are such a great tool to use for bridal hair or any style really. Clip in extensions are the easiest for updos because I can place the wefts exactly where I need them. Some of my favorite extensions are Barefoot Blonde Hair and Foxy Locks


Do you cut and color hair too?

    Yes! I am a licensed cosmetologist and I do work in a salon as well as freelance work. Check THIS out for more info and THIS for my portfolio.