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Easy steps to shape eyebrows

Easy steps to shape eyebrows

A well – defined eyebrows are key to creating the perfect setting for the eyes but also for the face look balanced and with great beauty. Eyebrow waxing is not an easy task, but it is much less so to achieve the shape that best suits us and to keep it always beautiful and perfect. If you don’t want to go to a beauty salon, now you can be getting perfect eyebrows shape at home by following the advice.

Steps to follow:

Not all of us have the same type of face and to enhance the beauty of facial features and frame the look, it is convenient to take this into account to find the shape of the eyebrows that best suits us. Next, get the detail of easy steps to shape eyebrows as per face shape:

Round face: arched eyebrows at a little elevated angle.

Oval face: rounded or slightly arched eyebrows.

Elongated face: straight or flat eyebrows.

Square face: well-angled eyebrows.

Heart-shaped face: gently rounded eyebrows.

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If you make the right choice, you will look much more beautiful and you will dazzle with a spectacular look. It is advised you to consult the article How to pluck the eyebrows according to the face to have more details and discover what shape, on the contrary, does not favour your face.

Before you start to shape your eyebrows and use the tweezers, it is essential that you know what the correct proportions are and what you should look for so that they are perfect and flawless. Please pay attention to the picture and the following explanation:

Line A. To know the exact point where your eyebrows should start, place an orange stick or a pencil at the end where the nose ends in a vertical position and draw a straight line through the tear duct; Mark with an eyeliner as that will be the starting point of your eyebrows.

Line B. To find the highest point of the eyebrow, place the stick at the end where the nose ends and pass it through the centre of the iris of the eye. At that point, the brow hair will be reduced.

Line C. To find out where the eyebrow should end, place the stick at the end where the nose ends and align it with the outer edge of the eye.

Perfect! Now you know what exact shape an eyebrow should have to make it look ideal, so get to work. First, brush your eyebrows up with a specific brush for this and with a small scissors trim all those hairs that protrude. Once this is done, brush them again, following their shape and grab some tweezers to start waxing. It is important that the tweezers are not too old, as well as that you clean them beforehand with a little ethyl alcohol to avoid irritation.

Then, you can remove the excess hair with the help of tweezers to give the eyebrows the desired shape. You must put the tweezers right at the base of each hair that you want to remove to extract it by the roots and always do it following the direction of hair growth, since otherwise those unsightly black dots could appear which denote that the hairs have not been removed correctly.