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Home treating fine dry hair

Home treating fine dry hair

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, thick, voluminous and healthy mane. But unfortunately it is complicated when you have fine hair, because it is damaged more quickly. Fine hair requires special attention. Fragile, they are more easily subject to split ends. Here are some effective tips of home treating fine dry hair to give them a second wind.

Fine hair does what it wants, but thanks to these 6 tips for caring for it, you too can enjoy superb hair!

Tip 1

Use the right care

It makes sense, yet many women with fine hair do not use the right products for caring about fine dry hair at home. Products that are too rich or oily will weigh down your hair, and make it appear even finer. Likewise, care must be taken with the dosage: neither too much nor too little, otherwise disaster is guaranteed. To avoid these problems, choose care lines formulated for fine hair, and follow label recommendations to the letter.

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Tip 2

Amla Oil

No need to break the bank to get beautiful, dense hair! Leave Amla vegetable oil on your dry hair for a few hours, which serves to re-densify the hair, in addition to nourishing, hydrating and boosting growth. Then rinse for a long time, and style them as usual. You can use this treatment twice a month, or more often depending on your needs.

Tip 3

Clay and henna

Masks based on clay or henna are unstoppable in bringing density for taking care of fine dry hair. Be careful not to abuse it though, because these natural products are very powerful.

Tip 4

Food supplements

Thin, falling or brittle hair is sometimes due to nutritional deficiencies. You can bet on food supplements: brewer’s yeast, keratin and capsules formulated expressly for fine hair, to be consumed in the form of a cure, are therefore very interesting for regaining dense and healthy hair.

Tip 5

Find the Right Cut

Thin hair can look flat, and often even a good blow-dry isn’t enough to give it volume that will last all day. By opting for a layered and well-structured haircut, you can give volume to your hair. For fine hair, short or mid-length cuts are recommended.

Tip 6

Dare to color

Hair colors, both at the hairdresser and in the store, bring density and substance to fine hair. In addition, by playing on the effects of highlights or balayage, even by staying in shades very close to your natural color, an optical illusion is created which gives the impression that the hair has more depth and volume.

Say goodbye to fine hair with these handy tips. Easy to follow, they are proven and trusted by hairdressing pros.