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Tips to get volume at the roots overnight

Tips to get volume at the roots overnight

Believe it or not, cutting the ends of the hair a little can help it to gain volume, since this way the broken areas can be removed, which are finer. With some patience and, perseverance above all, the consequences will start to be treasured after a few weeks. Ready to get on it? Read the below tips to get volume at the roots overnight!

Tips to increase hair volume

Some tips to volumizing hair at the roots are also related to good daily habits.

Massage the scalp

It happens to be one of the everlasting forgotten but it is as significant as the hair itself.

To keep them in good condition and that leads to a production of healthier strands, it is advised you to massage your scalp at night..

Use a small quantity of olive or almond oil drops to your fingertip. Spread in a round motion, with not rubbing.

It begins at the forehead, continues at the crown, passes to the nape.

The massage allows to bring more blood to the follicles and, therefore, make them work better.

Be cautious with the way of brushing your hair

In addition to everything that is already indicated, it is recommended that you do not brusquely brush your hair, especially if it is wet, as this causes the strands to come off more easily and lose volume.

Rinse your hair down

The main thing you should do is change your habit by wiping the conditioner out of your hair. Normally, you wash your hair by letting the water fall on our hair directly at the top, but from now on, to achieve surprising volume, you will put your hair down and rinse it by detaching (with your fingers) the roots of your hair.

Dry your hair down

After washing your hair, instead of drying your hair as you do daily, you will put your hair down and start drying it that way. At the same time with your fingers, you will massage your scalp making the hair detach from the roots in this way.

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Use mousse to comb it

If you want to achieve more volume, then after washing your hair, with wet hair, apply a mousse on the roots so that the hair is fixed as you comb it, thus remaining, the roots detached from the scalp by more time.

Use dry shampoo

The dry shampoo works like a normal wash, removing accumulated dirt. But the ideal is that you use it once a day, when you see your hair very dirty, and that you do not stop washing your hair as you normally do. It is recommended that you use a spray shampoo, as it provides just the right amount of texture to enhance your hair without having to wash it like you normally do. Apply it lifting your hair, from below on the root and massage the product on the scalp. Then style it as you wish.