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Can hair dryers damage my hair?

Can hair dryers damage my hair?

Well-groomed hair is an important element of an image, there is a widespread myth in the beauty industry that the hair dryer spoils the curls, they dry out and they become brittle. Is it real, or can you regularly use a hair dryer, maintaining the beauty and health of the hair?

Those who oppose the hair dryer claim that its use is harmful and that it is much more useful to dry the strands naturally. But there are so many disadvantages of using hair dryers that everyone should be ware of.

Cons of hair dryer

In thermal drying, it happens to be really possible identifying a number of undesirable factors.

Unadorned overheating; consistent exposure to high temperatures in maximum time can deteriorate curls, damage their colour, and decrease volume.

A blow dryer can worsen the condition of the hair, but do not send it away. If you choose a quality hair dryer and use it correctly, following all the recommendations, you will minimize the possible consequences of damaging hair with a hairdryer.

dry your hair

How to dry your hair

With proper treatment, the negative effects of frequent hair dryer use will be minimized. The main thing is to follow these recommendations of specialists:

  • Don’t rush to dry wet hair immediately after bathing – wrap your head in a warm towel for 15 minutes to allow it to dry a bit and stop being so vulnerable.
  • Choose low and medium temperatures, as overheating happens to be very damaging.
  • Don’t hold the device for a long time in one place, you need to hold each strand from root to tip.
  • Complete the technique at a significant distance from your hair, 40 cm preferably;
  • Do not wait to dry entirely, release the curls a small amount wet.
  • Go for high-quality products with different temperatures and other useful characteristics.

Are hair dryers harmful to hair?

A study by American scientists has shown that this is a myth. Using a hair dryer is less risky than doing without it. Because when your hair dries naturally, we don’t control this process. And if you dry them well, the damage can be greater than if you use a hair dryer.

When dry hair is stressed, damp hair swells, loses fine protein, while it is easy to damage from rough handling. Another thing use to be when making use of a hair dryer, if, it happens to be of high quality, of course, they can be dried carefully, competently, and most importantly, the appropriate temperature can be chosen, then the hair structure will not suffer. Too high temperatures are really harmful.

In this case, before going to bed, a hair dryer will be the solution. After all, it is also impossible to rub your hair with a towel after washing. You need to lightly dry them with a soft towel and then dry them with a hair dryer.