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Can I color my hair with lipstick?

Can I color my hair with lipstick?

To choose the lip color that always suits you perfectly, even regardless of the type of clothes you wear, you only have to take into account 2 factors: the tone of your hair and the tone of your skin. Choose your lipstick always combining and complementing with one of these two shades, do you know how to do it? You will know here! Lipsticks for brunettes, lipsticks for blondes here are the options for you to choose yours!

How to choose it according to hair tone

If you have black or platinum blonde hair, you can follow the most basic styling rule: all colors go perfectly with black and white. So consider yourself free to choose any range of lipstick without fear of being wrong. And for coloring hair with lipstick as well.

For girls with blonde or golden brown hair, you can use adding color to hair suing a lipstick, from pink and nude lip colors to some not too intense coral. Remember that the golden hue of your hair already provides the light that your face needs. These are the perfect lipsticks for blondes!

The hair with ashes nuances, whether blond or brown, they need strong and vivid colors that bring the “impact” of color back joy to the face as the nuances ashes tend to turn them off.

Girls with reddish or copper undertones can use very intense reds, oranges or corals, either in matte or shiny tones. Of course, they should avoid pink that does not combine well with these hair.

Finally, lipsticks for brunettes! If you have dark brown hair it can benefit from the youthful and fun touch of bright colors such as pinks and currants. Although it also holds up well the red lip color in a sophisticated makeup and the nudes when the eyes are highlighted.

How to choose it according to skin tone

You already know what lipsticks are for brunettes, chestnuts, blondes… But those shades are not your only option! There are also shades that make the perfect match with your skin tone. Do you want to know which ones?

skin tone

If you have fair skin, the shades that favour you the most are pinks and purples. Our favourites for you are cherry and fuchsia tones.

If your skin tone is more Mediterranean; that is, more tan, it is best that you choose a nude lipstick. Plus, bright pinks and chocholates are a great option too.

Finally, if your skin is very brown, then the best are intense burgundy and red tones. The vibrant lip color, as well as the dark one, looks great with your skin tone. Using lipstick to dye hair in this case is a brilliant option.