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Weaning myself off washing hair everyday

Weaning myself off washing hair everyday

In general, people wash their hair every other day or every two or three days if it is very dry, but … Have you ever imagined weaning myself off washing hair everyday?

Although it may seem unhygienic to you to stop washing hair everyday, people who are part of the anti-shampoo movement indicate that their hair transformed after leaving it to wash for months or even years.

The promoters of this activity are known as ‘no poo’ and they promote the benefits of not washing their hair frequently. In addition, they comment that after several weeks without water or shampoo, they noticed thicker, stronger hair with repaired ends.

However, venturing into the experiment of training hair to be less greasy, without consulting an expert can result in health complications.

What do the specialists think about not washing your hair for days?

According to dermatologist Patricia Carmona, what happens is that, when there is excess oil, the fungi that inhabit the scalp grow more than normal, causing problems such as seborrheic dermatitis.

On the other hand, dermatologist Angela Lamb, from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, explains that when shampoo is used, a process known as saponification occurs, that is, the fat and dirt particles are encapsulated and released with the water.

What happens when you stop using shampoo for a while?

You will have stronger hair

It is natural to think that in order to have healthy and strong hair what you must do is wash it every day in order to eliminate any excess fat or harmful agents that could harm it, however this could have just the opposite effect.

Promotes moderate oil production

On the other hand, washing your hair daily and continuing to remove all the oils that it produces could not only weaken it, but also increase the amount of bait in your mane.

stronger hairIt will give more life to your hair dye

If you are used to using hair dye or putting temporary products over it to hide your roots, then stopping washing your hair daily can be a great way to keep your colour flawless much longer before you have the urge to touch it up..

How often is it advisable to wash your hair?

Everyone has different conditions and needs. Therefore, although there is no exact number that determines the days, the key is to know the type of hair you have, its structure, density, porosity or lifestyle.

In addition, when the scalp is not well, due to the lack of cleaning, it begins to give certain signs such as: small skin residues, itching and a greasy feeling.