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Microblading vs eyebrow tattooing

Microblading vs eyebrow tattooing

The eyebrows are the frame of our gaze. They help us to give definition to our features, a bad makeup job with them could completely ruin our appearance. That is why there are many products that help us to perfectly make up the area of ​​our face such as shadows, pencils and gel products. However, the charm of these products ends when you wash your face. Here you need to learn about microblading vs eyebrow tattooing.

Here are two options for this with their advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose the best one for you.


It is an eyebrow pigmentation technique, which consists of using a very fine needle to make small cuts in the skin, afterwards the specialist deposits pigments inside each incision, drawing hair by hair, in the areas of this area that need it.



-Natural appearance

Being a completely manual process and using such a fine instrument, the specialist can recreate each hair on your eyebrow with a very defined proportion. He will try to match the characteristics of your eyebrow creating a natural look on your face without exaggeration. Remember that each eyebrow is different and that you should use a style that matches your actual shape.

-Variety of shades

Most of the pigments used for microblading are 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about introducing products that can harm your health. There are also a wide variety of shades in the current market for this method, so you can choose the color that is most suitable for your characteristics, such as: hair, eye and skin color.

Before choosing between using microblading versus eyebrow tattooing and performing the procedure, they will do a color and shape test, where they will show you what tone and style your eyebrows will be once the process is finished. Thus, you will feel safe and confident that the end result.

eyebrow tattooing

-Accessible price

The price of this product will depend on the place where you do it, however in most places where this cosmetic practice is practiced they have prices that are quite accessible. It is only a matter of making a small saving.

-It is semi-permanent

It is a solution that can help us for about a year or a year and a half, it all depends on the particular situation of each person and the care that is taken once it is done. This is a great advantage, because it gives you the assurance that it is not a decision with which you have to live the rest of your life, since trends and fashions are constantly changing, so do the styles in the eyebrows and with this technique you will not have to resign yourselves to living with a single style for the rest of your days.


– It can hurt a little

Although experts apply topical anesthesia to reduce the discomfort of small cuts, it can cause a little pain, the symptoms are similar to those of a waxing.

– Short-term solution

It is mentioned that among the advantages the fact that it was a semi-permanent option made this method more attractive. However, if you require something that lasts much longer, this may not be the solution you need.

Eyebrow tattoo

Today tattoos are more common in people than a couple of years ago. When it occurred to the tattooists that they could help women with their beauty problems, they created the eyebrow tattoo as a solution to avoid that every day when they woke up they had to make up this area. Several people raised their hands to test this trend. However, is it the best option today?


-If you are looking for a permanent solution to remedy the problems of your eyebrow, this alternative could be right for you, because as you well know, a tattoo is for life, of course unless you resort to a laser session to remove it.

-A low price

The advantage of this procedure is that you will find several places, where the prices are very cheap and the results are long-lasting and you may not have to re-invest a lot of money after you do it.


-Few shades

Because it is a practice that is not specialized in the area of ​​cosmetic beauty, its colors are scarce, so you will not be able to choose between many shades.

-A painful practice

The needles with which a tattoo is made are three times wider than those used in a microblading procedure, thus producing a greater sensation of pain.

-Negative consequences

Because it is such a long-lasting option, it is recommended that you go with a tattoo artist who has experience in this cosmetic practice, because if the person who performs this procedure is not careful, you could have an unwanted result that you will have to live with rest of your life. Aforementioned difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing should be always taken care of.